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SpookEasy Tours

A Haunted Walking Adventure

Explore the Eerie Secrets of Ybor's Historic District in this Spooky Historic Ghost Tour!

Welcome to SpookEasy Tours in the captivating historic District of Ybor, where rich history and ghostly legends intertwine.  Join us for an unforgettable evening of spine-chilling stories, paranormal encounters, and mysterious happenings.  Prepare to be enthralled as we delve into the supernatural side of this vibrant neighborhood, with Spookeasy Lounge as our haunted home base. Are you ready to uncover the chilling tales that lurk beneath the surface?

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Tour Highlights


Spookeasy Lounge

Begin your ghostly adventure at the Spookeasy Lounge, a haunted haven where spirits both loving and departed converge.  Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere as you enjoy a refreshing drink and get ready to embark on a journey in to the unknown.

Original Cigar Factory

Step into the past as we visit the iconic Original Cigar Factory, a historic landmark that has witnessed the secrets and sorrows of countless workers.

Jose Marti Memorial

Pay homage to the renowned Cuban poet and activist, Jose Marti, as we visit his memorial.  Discover the lingering presence of this influential figure and hear the stories of his connection to the afterlife.

Mysterious Sights

Along the way, keep and eye out for other mysterious sights and haunted hotspots. From spectral figures peering out of windows to unexplained sounds echoing in the night.

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